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Ho Ho Ho Welcome!  

St. Mick is a year-round real bearded, real belly Santa Claus from Miami, Fl.


St. Mick has been portraying Santa Claus for years entertaining, family and friends. In 2014, St. Mick decided to be a year-round Santa Claus. St. Mick has been a real bearded and belly Santa for over 4 years. Let him bring the spirit of the holiday season to your event!

St. Mick takes pride in putting smiles on children and adults by spreading the Christmas cheer.

St.Mick is currently attending the International University of Santa Claus (IUSC).

St. Mick is registered with The National Beard Registry # 7688.

St. Mick offers an array of opportunity to spreading Cheer at your event. Whether it a personal home visit, office party, corporate event, photo shoot, commercials and TV productions.

For more information please contact NAZE 2 Entertain at 863-703-6425. You can expect a response by one of my elves real soon!

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Merry Christmas from St.Mick - St.Mick
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Agent is NAZE 2 Entertain LLC.

NAZE 2 Entertain LLC.

Miami, Florida


naze2entertain@gmail.com or  info@st.mick.com

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