Tips for St. Mick visit


1-Make sure your cell phones and cameras have batteries are fully charged and that you have all the memory needed to take all the photos you want and need.  If you want St. Mick- Santa is to make his entrance with gifts, prior arrangements should be made with one of St. Mick elves The gifts should be labeled, easy to read, and prearranged with St. Mick elf. Don't use tags, as they fall off. Use a marker to write the names large and legible on the gifts. Timing is everything, as Santa will be with you for a limited amount of time.


2.Reserve a special parking place for St. Mick. It should be as close as possible to where he is appearing.  If he parks down the street or around the corner and has to walk all the way to your home, or office, he might be a bit winded or exhausted. Also, remember, he’s wearing a heavy wool suit that gets very hot, (even in December in Miami). A fan close to where he will be sitting would be greatly appreciated.


3. If your event is at home, leave an opening at the end of your driveway. Just put up a temporary sign in the space. Use a gift-wrapped box, a chair, or sign to hold the spot "Reserved for Santa!"


4.If your event is at a company facility, office building, or hotel, try to plan arrangements for Santa to park in a valet or loading area. This makes it easier for St. Mick to be fresh and ready to bring the Christmas joy to your guests.


5.If St. Mick is taking pictures, talking to children or singing carols he will need a chair, folding chairs and low chairs do not work well for St.Mick, as Santa is a large man. A good straight back dining room chair works best. Stage some great photos by placing St. Mic chair near your Christmas tree or other holiday setting. Your photos will have more impact if the background has a festive look. Think about photos with everyone, old and young alike. St. Mick can stand up for a “buddy” photo with teens and adults if they are too “shy” to sit with Santa.


6.If there is a balance or payment due to St. Mick, please make payment upon arrival. Please do not appropriate to hand cash to St. Mick or elves. Payment can be made by PayPal, Venmo or Cash.



Let’s captures some lasting memories of your family and friends. Do you believe in the magic of Christmas?






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